Hill Country

Picture Sri Lanka and visions of golden beaches probably dance before your eyes. But there’s another side to this island. It’s a side where mists slowly part to reveal emerald carpets of tea plantations and montane forests clinging to serrated ranges bookended by waterfalls.

This is Sri Lanka’s Hill Country; a place where you can wear a fleece in the daytime and cuddle up beside a log fire in the evening. A region where you can walk to the end of the world, stand in the footsteps of the Buddha, paddle a raft down a raging river, enjoy the drumbeat of traditional dance and be surrounded by a hundred wild elephants.

With a hit list like that it’s perhaps hardly a surprise that when many visitors look back on their Sri Lankan adventures it’s not the beaches that make them smile fondly, but rather it’s the surging, rolling highlands.

Places in Hill Country

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