War memorial Tower – Tangalle

There are some places that not really popular but deserved to be more popular among the travelers. This is one of them to spend 15 min of your journey. It is better to add them to things to do in Tangalle to make the journey perfect.


Down south of Sri Lanka is one of the most famous among tourist. When you are travelling from Matara to Tangalle you could see the Army War memorial Tower on sea side. It is good for relax your feet and capture few photographs of the amazing Indian Ocean prior to feel the golden beach of Sri Lanka.


I could not find proper information, but it seems the place was well planned and properly built but not maintained appropriately. Signs are still there of a front reception of the tower.


What you should really do is climb to the top of the tower where you get amazing wide view of the ocean of Tangalle bay.



Inside the tower there are some embossed paintings of some of historical national heroes of Sri Lanka.

war-memorial-tangalle-2 war-memorial-tangalle

There will be a friendly welcome…




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