Sigiriya Rock Fortress

  • Don’t Forget : Enough Water 
  • Time to Explore : 2 – 3 hours
  • Ideal For : Every one
  • Difficulty Level : Medium, 1200 steps to climb. Need to physically fit
  • Best time to visit : 7am – 10am and 3pm – 6pm
  • What to wear : No clothes restrictions. Please wear comfortable clothes
  • Mode of transport : Direct public transport to Sigiriya. Private vehicle from Sigiriya


Historical Story

According to the Chulawamsa the ancient Sri Lankan History book, Sigiriya Rock Fortress was built by King Kassapa who was the king in the country from from 477 to 495 AD. 

According to the ancient story, King Dhathusena  ; one of the most prominent Kings in Sri Lankan history had two sons. Moggallana (Mugalan) is one of them and he is from from the Royal heir and other son Kassapa is born to a non royal concubine. As a result of a conspiracy, Kassapa was able to grab the kingdom by killing his father. But he always expect an invasion from his half brother Mugalan who runaway from the country. Therefore, King Kasspa created his own kingdom with most secure fortress in the country which is known as Sigiriya Rock Fortress. 

Finally, as he expected Mugalan invaded the country with the support from India and captured the entire country including Sigiriya. According to the folk story, King Kasspa had commited suicide by jumping over the Sigiriya rock with his wives. 



Sigiriya is located in North Central of Sri Lanka. As this is the most visited sight of foreign tourists in Sri Lanka, most of the round tours starts from north western historical sites and proceed to central hills and southern side. 


Mode of Transport

If you are planning visit on your own, Trains are available from Colombo Fort to Habarana or Colombo city to Sigiriya public buses are also available. You could hire a tuk tuk or arrange private transfers within the area. 


How is The Place Today

Sigiriya is one of the famous place among Sri Lankan students. You could see lots of students or local families visit Sigiriya during the school holiday months i:e April, Auguest and December. 

The best time to visit Sigiriya is in the morning and it is suggested to be at the place early morning at least by 6.30am during the busy seasons. 


Importance of the place

Sigiriya is one of the 8 Unesco Heritage sites in Sri Lanka. It was named as Heritage site in year 1982.

Please read UNESCO Web for more  


Other Things to do in the area

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