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Tailor Made Holiday Planning

Creating a customised holiday plan to suit exactly an individual is called Tailor Made Holiday.

Sri Lanka, which is not only famous for one thing but for many things such as beaches, wildlife, culture and heritage, dry & cold weather etc.  When it comes to accommodation, transport since they’re more than one options are available, it is better to customise your holiday in Sri Lanka to gain the best experience. 

This is the way of tailor-making your holiday.

Holiday plans normally design as ready made packages. Long process of booking cycle have made the tour product as ready made. For an example a person who prefer to Sri Lanka would go to a local travel agency (Formally Destination Management Company) and ask for tour package to Sri Lanka. Since the local person who provide tour package details is not an expert of the foreign destination. Therefore they have to present ready-made travel package created with the assistance of a travel company in the foreign destination. The prices offered might be based on one or two category of accommodation options only. Therefore the buyer do not get a chance apart from selecting the travel package offered by the company.

Digital technology have changed everything. While you are sending a email / chat message to a local travel agent, you could always send the same message to a destination based travel agent. The local travel agent may send you a ready-made travel package since the sales representative does not have a in depth idea about the destination. But when you are directly dealing with a destination travel agency, you will get a opportunity to ask them to create a travel plan depend on your travel choices. You may like to experience the local lifestyle more but not more than 2 days in beach resort. Rather than stay in crowded larger hotels, you may be interested in staying in a small boutique hotels which has more character and personal touch.

Tailor-made travel plan is something you are designing your travel plan with the assistance of an expert. You don’t need to be an expert about the destination but preferences of yourself. Destination expert will assist you by providing options and guiding on picking up your travel choices.

Steps of Tailor made holiday planning

Step 01- Acquiring Basic Information to Tailor Made the Holiday

Generally, person who design the tailor made travel plan (Tour Planner) would prefer to get large amount of information from you. They might get your choices using a online form or calling to you. If you are not interested or if you do not feel good by this, tailor-made holidays are not for you. 

A proper personalized holiday planning need time. The has to create fresh quotation, set of hotels, only for a single enquiry. It is totally different from sending a ready-made holiday plan to a certain person. destination expert will provide you bulk of information at the beginning of the planning

Step 02 - Planning the tour

After the initial proposal, the expert will make sure to keep the travel plan open to change. Depend on the time and the requirement expert will guide you to design the well-suited travel plan for until you satisfy with the plan.

Step 03 - Holiday Operation

Not like bulk, ready-made tours. Tailor-made tours in Sri Lanka are private tour with private guide/driver who will be with the client throughout the period of travel. Most of the time, destination expert will not travel with you around the country, but he/she will closely monitor the tour until it finish. Since the tour is entirely centralised on the tourist who visit the country, one tailor-made tour is not similar to any other tour. Tailor-made tours are unique and cannot be produced the same tour again.

Step 04 - Feedback process

Successful tailor-made travel planner get huge benefit from its client’s feedback forms. Feedback forms should gather its clients genuine feedback as detail as possible. Technology could be used to gather the information. Feedback forms should definitely influence its next client tour plan as it is the best lesson a travel planner can have.

The cycle of above will continuously shape-up its clients experience in the country. Therefore tailor made holiday planning is continuously growing as the modest way of traveling around the World.